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Nigel Williams

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About Me

It all started in August 2012 when I ordered my first DSLR camera, as soon as I got it I was like omg look at all those buttons & in the menu settings it was mind boggling, so now the fun begins. Like most photographers who start, you put it in auto mode and click away, then look at the photos and think to yourself mmmm…not what I had in mind, so started looking on the internet, YouTube, books and magazines, the more homework I did, the clearer it became & my photos started to get better.

The following year I did an online course, it was 10 weeks (1 hour) each week with 10 questions after each session 6/10 7/10 8/10 8/10 9/10 never did get 10/10 but it was starting to make sense, and by week 7-8 they said you will be out of auto mode and in full manual mode and take control of your camera …and it did. At the end of the 10 weeks you had 100 questions in 2 hours to complete and had to get over 82% to pass the online diploma, I got 94% which was amazing!… but most importantly put me on the right track Now it was time to buy better (glass) lenses and the price of good lenses was how much.. ?!!

I have 3 children so I thought, sell a couple of kids ( haha ) only joking. With the work I do there is always overtime, so a lot of extra shifts was needed to get these. After a few years of learning I got my new camera (sell my last kid haha) and my camera kit is complete. My favourite to photograph are owls, especially the Barn owl, just watching them hunt and to photograph them is awesome, that’s how I started volunteering for barn owl monitoring for Gloucestershire wildlife trust, and I also help other barn owl projects by putting up nest boxes wherever we can, I also have made boxes and put up locally and hope it helps them. It’s not just all about photography, its nice to give something back. As a kid I always loved wildlife watching t.v programs etc and it continues by going out looking and to photograph wildlife. As a photographer you have subjects on your doorstep, or a lot of travelling is needed, and finding wildlife is a task itself so trying to find & to photograph adds to the fun, I hope you like looking at my gallery of images as much as I do, because when I look at them it brings back memories of when I took them. 


Our fine art media range

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